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Level 2 Personal Development


Now that you have an understanding of the 7 Bodies and 6 Areas of life, let's take your awareness a little deeper!  In this module, you will discover your "Core Curriculum", which is your entire human patterning system, that unconsiously began in utero, and consciouly began between the ages of 2 and 8 years old!  Fascinating - right? 

Listen to the below podcasts and answer the questions below.


Good Wolf Bad WolfHali Love
00:00 / 09:07
Ego SystemHali Love
00:00 / 07:02
Personality & Core CurriculumHali Love
00:00 / 13:58

1. What do you feel your core limiting belief is, your "Bad Wolf"?  Create this answer in the form of I AM ______. Remember that this one word will be in the language of child,  and be about your self-worth. Common ones are not good enough, unwanted, not wanted, not good, bad, unloveable, not loved, alone, scared etc. It can be anything. When you find the right one, you might notice a little sting in your emotional heart.

2. Make a list of the behaviours of your bad wolf  and classify which ones belong to parent ego and which ones belong to child ego. Remember child ego is the one that acts like a victim.  Parent ego is bossy and acts like a know-it-all.

3. What are your core values? A list of many common core values are below. Ideally you want to have no more than 3.  What is important when you choose your core values is HOW you define them.  


A personal example, my core value is EMPOWERMENT: I define it as loving, integrity, and leading by example.  Your definitions are unique to you!  When I did this assignment I had about 20 written down. Once I started to define them, I widdled it down to 10, and continued to widdle them down until I came up with my one word (this process happened over YEARS!).

4. What do you feel your soul purpose is? If this question si overwhelming, you can simply start with your purpose as a yoga teacher.

5. What do you feel your life's mission is - your mission is HOW you will deliver your core values to the world and fulfil your life's purpose.  Again, if this is overwhelming, you can simply start with your mission as a yoga teacher.


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