Yoga Nidra (yoga sleep)

Enjoy a yoga nidra practice recorded in the jungle!  Get comfy and please share your experience after your nidra practice.  


If you are new to yoga nidra, here is a short video, as well you can read the below excerpt. (Note: The correct pronunciation is NiDRA (with an "i" as in the word "it", however its common in the west to say NEEDRA (fun fact!).

This Nidra Script was written with my beautiful business partner and stellar friend: Rhoni Straub and I.



Much love: Hali


What is Yoga Nidra?

Yoga Nidra is gazing through the eyes of your heart! Yoga Nidra provides a vehicle for an incredible transformative and healing process for your mind and body.  “Nidra takes you to the summit of a mountain then guides you down and back into your life. ~ Rhoni Peace ~

Yoga Nidra is an ancient, sacred yogic process of meditation, a form of mindfulness training wherein the mind regains its ability to be one-pointed and undistracted. It is simple to learn, easy to practice and a tool you can use throughout your lifetime.


During Nidra you enter a profound state of receptive relaxation, all the while remaining   totally aware and alert throughout the process. The process deepens the experience of  meditation, and encourages meditative inquiry in order to unravel the mystery of life and answer such questions as, Who am I? ‘Why am I? What is this? 


Nidra invites intelligence and clarity to rise to the surface of the conscious mind; and allows the brain to access wisdom resources of higher levels of consciousness. Your intelligence knows the exact solutions you need to address various issues and questions you face in your daily life; Yoga Nidra assists in accessing this intelligence.




Nidra is the deepest and most profound form of relaxation that takes a person to a ‘hypnagogic’ state (somewhere between sleeping and wakefulness).  Although you are in a profound state of relaxation, you remain totally aware and alert in the practice. Nidra doesn’t require you believe anything; the only requirement is you practice and discover for yourself the intrinsic healing powers of yoga Nidra. 


  • Profound relaxation in mind and body.
  • Induces deep and permanent relaxation of entire body, mind and personality.

  • Brings about a state of meditation.

  • Eradicates deep-rooted psychological problems, complexes, neuroses and inhibitions.

  • Rejuvenates the whole human organism on all levels (physical, pranic, mental).

  • Acts as a non-chemical tranquilizer that quickly removes insomnia and induces sleep.

  • Opens up the potential of the mind and awakens intuition.

  • Increases memory and learning capacity of students; brings extraordinary improvement in the absorption and retention of information from external sources as well as the internal knowledge within one’s own mind.

  • Neutralizes and overcomes anxiety, fear, anger and depression.

  • A 40 - 60 minute practice of Nidra is equal to four to six hours of non-REM sleep (deep sleep).

  • Helps remove psychosomatic ailments (i.e. blood pressure), reduces stress, helps to work with issues within personal relationships and can support the resolution of past trauma.


  • Discomfort need not disturb. 

  • Your body is a guesthouse and Nidra teaches you how to invite every imaginable guest in for ‘tea and conversation’. 

  • When discomfort arises, don’t try to adjust it away.

  • First, receive and welcome it in as a messenger and inquire as to what its message is.

  • Sometimes discomfort simply wants to whisper something in your ear and then it goes away.

  • Other times it may want you to adjust your body. 

  • Observe your tendency to react – your propensity to jump away from experience.

  • Nidra is a path of welcoming where you are learning to meet, greet and welcome everything that life brings. 

  • Only then can you uncover your innate clarity, right action and peace of mind.

  • At times, Nidra will invite memories and emotions in for ‘tea and conversation’.

  • You have an innate intelligence that knows exactly what to do in every situation in your life.

  • Fear is always about the future. Reactivity is about the past.

  • The correct action is being in the NOW moment – present.

  • Nidra practice reveals and teaches you how to live in the NOW so that you can access.

  • your inborn ability to respond appropriately to every situation.