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A loving community of experienced and passionate yogis that share a common life purpose of sharing the beautiful practice of yoga.  We are committed to holding a safe space, that will allow you to deeply explore the plethora of benefits that yoga has to offer.

We believe that the greatest benefit of yoga is to creation of sustainable change.  In the words of Krishnamacharya, the grandfather of western yoga: “Yoga is change”; the question is if we are able to slow down enough to immerse ourselves in the awareness of the changes, no matter how subtle they may be.  


 We are a place where you are able to connect to and create the most powerful version of yourself.  A place where you receive the utmost integral yoga education and information. We believe in the healing powers of Yoga, Ayurveda & Traditional Chinese Medicine.  We believe in giving back through yoga.  A portion of all proceeds are donated to 3 wonderful foundations: Los Tecas Market - to support the locals within the town of Los Pargos, Costa Rica, where our main studio is located, Hope 4 A Street Dog, supporting the health of dogs and cats in Los Pargos, and Fierce Calm, a UK  based foundation that helps the humans of the world. 



We believe in you.  You are beautiful. You are seen. You are heard. You are loved.

#thisisyoga #commUnity #love #youareworthit



hali love costa rica yoga
Hali Love | Founder, Program Creator, Lead Facilitator in English


Hali has been an ERYT500+ since 2007.  She is our Program Creator, a Yoga Therapist, Ayurveda Conulstant and SR Counsellor. Hali has studied Yoga for over 20 years.  13 years ago, she sold her 3 yoga studios and litigation firm to move to Costa Rica and pursue her dream of opening a yoga & healing centre.  After a divorce that left her as a single mom to rebuild her life, she courageously kept going and reached her dream.  You can find her happily remarried running her studio Playa Negra Yoga and offering healing retreats for women through Heal-Co.  She is a mother to 3 daughters whom she adores and a loving and supportive wife.  She is that friend who never waivers in loyalty (ever).  She is a fiercely dedicated woman, committed to living in her core values, fulfilling her life's purpose of healing, studying, sharing and living a lifestyle of love.  Hali's motto: Heal yourself to heal others, and for the love of God, walk your talk.

virtual prana yoga teacher training in french
Pascale Marquis | Translator, Lead Faciliator in French


Ce projet, c’est une partie de moi. C’est le fruit d’innombrables heures à le rêver, à l’espérer, à le questionner et enfin, à le concrétiser. C’est l’amalgame de deux passions : le yoga et la création d’expériences. Deux mondes que je chéris et côtoie depuis longtemps et qui ont, tout naturellement, trouvé un chemin conjoint.Organiquement, le yoga est entré dans ma vie lorsque je cherchais un outil aligné avec mes valeurs pour apprendre à cohabiter avec l’anxiété. J’ai su dès ma première classe qu’un jour, cette douce médecine aurait une place privilégiée dans mon quotidien.
Avec une approche douce et inclusive, je vous accompagne avec ouverture et dans le respect de la différence. À mes yeux, chaque corps est unique et porte une histoire qui mérite d’être célébrée quotidiennement, avec amour.

L’harmonie bienveillante est définitivement ce qui me guide.

yoga teacher training in spanish
Flavia De Souza | Translator, Training Support in English, Spanish & Portuguese

Flavia is from Brazil. She has been living in Playa Negra Costa Rica for 23 with her husband and dogs. Flavia has been training with Hali Love for 5 years, boasting a 1000 hour certificate in Wellness Based Yoga.  Flavia is  also a certified Multi Barre and Pilates Instructor.  She has studied physiotherapy in university, and is a great support to our anatomy programs.  Flavia is fluent in Portuguese, Spanish and English. Flavia is a master creator. She creates a safe and loving space for each of her students. She also creates healing for the dogs and cats  of our area, being a major player in @hope4astreetdog.

Krysta Depp | Training Support in English

Krysta grew up surfing in Santa Cruz California, and came from an action sports back ground spending most of her time selling snowboards and skateboards. She competed and then coached competitive Gymnastics for 9 years and began practicing yoga then. In 2020, she moved to Playa Negra Costa Rica and began her 500 hour YTT with Hali Love learning Wellness Based Yoga and Multi Barre.  She then completed 250 additional hours in Advanced Teacher Training, and continues to deepen her knowledge and education in Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

Cassie Marie Kingma | Children's Yoga Teacher Training Lead Facilitator

Meet Cassie-Marie, or Cas for short! She was born and raised in British Columbia, Canada and continues to live there today. Cas obtained her degree in Early Childhood Education and taught children of all ages and abilities for 10 years. In 2018, Cas quit her job, packed up her entire life and moved to a tiny town to be with her now husband. Fast forward a couple of years, a pandemic hits and Cas finds herself laid off, when the opportunity to take the first ever online 200HR YTT with Hali presented itself. In 2021 Cas completed that first training that would kickstart a series of trainings. She has since taken 400+ hours of training in Ayurveda, TCM, Wellness Meditation and Kids Yoga. Cas currently runs The Lemon Project; teaching yoga to all ages, young and old. When she isn’t taking a training, teaching a class or practicing yoga herself, you can find her on a mountain bike trail, hanging out with her 7+ pets, or driving her pink pickup truck.


For Virtual Prana's Founder, Hali Love, Yoga is a lifestyle.  Her purpose is to generously share the tools that she has learned throughout her own journey, life experiences, education and practice of both yoga and personal development. She has been a student of yoga since 1995, and has over 40,000 hours of logged facilitation and 20,000 hours of training with The International Yoga Alliance.  Hali begin to study Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2007, and is a continuing student of both modalities, as well is a continuing student of yoga.  As a Yoga Instructor, Subconscious Restructuring Counsellor, Yoga Therapist, and Ayurveda Consultant  she combines her love for both yoga, eastern medicine modalities and personal development in all of her trainings.   

The first foundational tool you will be introduced to is Hali's curated personal development tool called "The 7 Bodies Method" which was created to enhance the understanding and practices of the"mind, body spirit"connection.


The styles of yoga included in Wellness Based Yoga are: gentle yoga, hatha, restorative and vinyasa yoga.  You will also learn many styles of breath work (pranayama) and a variety of meditations.  Wellness Based Yoga is Love's signature blend of Yoga Philosophy, combined with Ayurveda and The 5 Element Theory from Traditional Chinese Medicine.  During your training you will also learn how to provide your clients with yoga based Ayurvedic and 5 Element Balancing Consultations.



The 7 Bodies Are:


1) Physical - our physical body, 

2) Mental - our thinking mind, 

3) Emotional - all of the 6 human emotions,

4) Energetic - our vibe,

5) Intellectual - our new knowledge, learning's and insights; and

6) Spiritual - this is self defined.

7) Soul - our dharma


All trainings combine the physical asana practice, yoga philosophy and mythology, western psychology and eastern healing modalities: Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda .   All Yoga Education programs are anchored in philosophies from the Yoga Sutras, Bhagavad Gita, The Hatha Yoga Pradipika, and the teachings of Krishnamacharya: The teacher of the well-known teachers B.K.S. Iyengar and Pattabhi Jois.  Hali has consistently been studying Yoga Philosophy with her teachers from India and Tibet since she was 17 years old, and is currently studying with Dr. Arjun, a doctor of Sanskrit Science from India. 


Your 200 and 500 hour trainings begin with Personal Development because we believe it is important to continue to do the work.  The work starts with you.  The teaching are understood through our own work and experiences.   We begin with a process of "unbecoming" where we learn about our limiting patterns and core values, which creates a powerful foundation for lasting healing, continued growth and ultimately shining your light into the world as not only a successful yoga teacher, but also as an inspirational human being.  You will feel empowered and supported as you are guided through this journey together. 



We believe in the healing powers of all styles of yoga.  Our Foundational 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training  is anchored in Ayurveda, Yoga History and Western Psychology, supporting each student to take their practices of hatha yoga, gentle, restorative and vinyasa to a more connected experience.  Our 500 Hour Professional Yoga Teacher Certification takes this even deeper, adding in the energetic and organ philosophy from Traditional Chinese Medicine, and adding the styles of yin yoga, power yoga and yoga nidra.

Already a certified Yoga Teacher? Amazing! We also have advanced trainings and continuing education programs, all registered with the International Yoga Alliance. 

Our Team has a collective life purpose which is to empower and inspire growth through sharing the beautiful practice of yoga.  Our founder has been a consistent student of yoga since she was 17 years old, and she has been facilitating yoga education programs since 2007. She has made healing, personal growth, yoga and psychology her passion.  She has over 40,000 hours of training, and is an ERYT with The International Yoga Alliance.  

Virtual Prana has connected with many like-minded souls from around the world, and has created a global community of both students and facilitators, hailing from Africa, Germany, Brazil, the UK, Australia, Costa Rica, Canada and The United States.  All Facilitators have years of yoga practice, study and post-secondary education in their speciality.  The Virtual Prana team is fiercely aligned and ready to serve you. 

Our Team's goal is to provide a well-rounded easeful experience of your yoga teacher training; whether you attend a virtual, in studio or take an on-line program.  The online platform has provided a space for students to dive into their yoga teacher training program, which enables each student to put the time in to their study, absorption, personal development process and to really experience and learn the plethora of  tools and practices presented.  




During your training, you receive the highest quality of support.  Our online programs each have a facilitator appointed to guide you through your introduction call, and whom will support as your E supported contact.  Our goal is to effectively share the tools we have, in each specialized area to empower you to live your most powerful life and be the most successful and inspirational yoga teacher. 

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