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In this program you will study:


The importance of restorative yoga and the impact it has on our entire being

The 7 Bodies Method™️ and how to integrate this connecting philosophy into your restorative yoga classes

The negative effects of stress on our nervous system

Effective use of props in your restorative yoga classes

How to effectively teach meditation

How to implement pranayama & mudras into your restorative yoga classes

Our Restorative Yoga Posture lab and Asana Guide

Chair Yoga & Wall Yoga Sequences

Restorative Yoga Sequencing & Themes

Our powerful teaching techniques and feedback system anchored in western psychology

How to implement the energetics and emotional intelligence of the meridian theory from

Traditional Chinese Medicine yoga into your Restorative Yoga Classes

How to market yourself as a Restorative Yoga Teacher


what you get

Program theory

Downloadable & printable theory PDF's

Lifetime Access to online program material: PDF’s and podcasts

Connection to our Global Forum where you can connect with teachers from around the world

our promise to you

You can expect to leave this Yoga Teacher Training Program with the necessary tools to teach healing & rejuvenating restorative yoga classes to your students of all ages, shapes, sizes and level of experience. 


Virtual 30 Hour Certification Program $450 USD


Complete your program theory reading/listening assignments.

Arrange a 60 minute Restorative Yoga Class with your lead facilitator; you will receive detailed feedback for each class.

 Class may be recorded with a student.​

Upon successful completion of all requirements, you will receive your 30-hour continuing education certificate. 


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